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Get Know the Damages for Defamation Law in Pakistan

Damages for Defamation Law in Pakistan:

Nazia Law Associates is the best law firm in Pakistan for cases of damages due to defamation law in Pakistan. Grant of damages against the publication of the defamatory and libelous statement, no rule of law laid down for assessment of general damages in defamation cases, compensation awarded not appeared to punitive or exemplary. News item published by defendants defamatory in nature, no proof of special damage, but entitled to general damages due to defamation law in Pakistan. Defamatory statement published in the newspaper, action for damages. The plaintiff under no obligation to prove imputation to be false. The defendant pleading justification, the onus lies on the defendant. Published in the newspaper is greater wrong, damages increased from Rs- 5,000.00 to 14.000.00. Defamation as soon as published makes out complete offense irrespective of any consequences.

Dismissed the Suit for Damages against T. V. Corporation:

Publication of imputations intended to safeguard the interest of the maker thereof and also for the public good, without any malicious motive, does not amount to defamation. Petitioner in jail at the time of publication of alleged defamatory article, contention that it was published by the supervision of his wife is devoid of force. In suit for defamation on the alleged defamation notice sent by T. V. Corporation to license-holder for the deposit of license fee with the threat of criminal prosecution, such suit filed by the license holder for damages with the plea that notices of T. V. Corporation had not only lowered the plaintiff in the eyes of the public did not arise as notices read by him through the post as such lower Courts flatly dismissed the suit for damages against T. V. Corporation. The public notice by the employer that an employee is no longer in employee’s service is privileged and protected. It cannot be made the basis for action for defamation law in Pakistan. The employer doesn't need to prove that in cases of other employees he had published similar notices. English version of public notice was not defamatory.


Defamation is a qualified privilege; the action lies if malice is proved. Person performing official duty and acting out of civil and moral sense, no action in tort for defamation is maintainable as per defamation law in Pakistan. Privileges of advocate and law firm in Pakistan: Advocate privilege of the matter of civil liability for defamation, the privilege does not extend to malicious, statement and matters not germane to litigation, the position of litigants. Complaint containing defamatory matter against an advocate not disowned by its author and the allegation made to Bar Council make it known to public amounts to the implication of libelous matter, Advocate "officer of Court" and law firm in Pakistan occupying a high position in society, that amount of damages decreed not excessive. No action for libel or slander lies whether against judges. counsels, witnesses, or parties for words written or spoken or statements made in the course of any proceedings before any Court recognized by law through the words written or spoken maliciously without any justification or excuse and from personal ill-will and anger against the person defamed. In Our Law Firm in Lahore, we have many expert lawyers in Lahore who are working on the Property cases in all over the Pakistan.

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