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Guide the People on Defamation Law in Pakistan & Libel

Defamation Law in Pakistan & Libel:

Nazia Law Associates the best law firm in Pakistan is expert in cases of defamation law in Pakistan. The complaint held an abuse of process of Court and cannot be allowed, proceedings quashed. The complaint filed after 2 years is an inordinate delay proceedings quashed. English rules and special damage: The English rules of special damage in oral defamation not to be adopted as per defamation law in Pakistan. The decision should be according to justice. Equity and good conscience: Exemplary damages through law firm in Pakistan: Notice of prosecution published in the newspaper, defamation presumed, damages may be exemplary.

General Damages:

The plaintiff consultant, independently depending his livelihood on reputation. The defamation is likely to affect his reputation and future earnings. Rs. 10,000 awarded as damages. Ingredients of libel: Libel, when constituted 1 Injury to reputation: The false statements implied by the defamatory, reputation, and business of the plaintiff hurt, the statement is defamatory. Insult: Mere insult does not amount to defamation. Insult attends against man's dignity but involves no false statement or suggestion but defamation is a false statement or suggestion of a fact to the prejudice of man's reputation.

Kinds of defamation:

According to our law firm in Pakistan, the defamation is of two kinds; (j) Libel; (ii) Salander

Newspaper and defamation law in Pakistan:

News items should not have been allowed to be published in the newspapers without due care, caution, and circumspection and without first ascertaining facts from the concerned quarter in Britain. The false reports published in the newspaper can cause irretrievable and irreparable damage to the reputation and social status of a citizen and can bring a bad name to the country. For this reason, it is necessary and desirable that journalists should be most watchful not to publish defamatory attacks upon individuals unless they first undertake responsible pains to ascertain that there are strong and cogent grounds for believing the truthfulness of the information which is sent to them. The Printer, Publisher, Editor, and Proprietor of a newspaper are as much responsible for a defamatory, damaging a disparaging news report published in their columns as if they were the original author and motivator. In defamation law in Pakistan, there is no special privilege for a journalist.

However, a fair comment on matters of public interest is permissible but it should not be used as a cloak for ventilating some personal vendetta against anyone. The Court dropped proceedings through law firm in Pakistan on the undertaking to contradict the news in the newspapers. Newspaper is not specifically privileged but has greater responsibility and duty to guard against untruth. Newspaper item tending to expose government servant, newspaper item, held, defamatory to the plaintiff’s. Libel action lies at places where the newspaper was published as well as where circulated. In defamation law in Pakistan the libelous material published in the newspaper, the responsibility of the editor, printer and publisher, held, joint and several words complained of defamatory, (ii) reflected to the plaintiff, (iii) and publication to the third party, defendant proving privilege, the onus lies on the plaintiff.  In Our Law Firm in Lahore, we have many expert lawyers in Lahore who are working on the Defamation Law in Pakistan in all over the Pakistan.

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