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Get Know About The Power of Attorney Attestation and Registration

Power of Attorney Attestation and Registration:

Nazia Law Associates in Lahore Pakistan is an expert in the power of attorney attestation and registration in Pakistan. Power of attorney though brief containing comprehension scope to defend and prosecute the matter in the Courts. Such a document cannot be construed to restrict or limit the scope of authority as too confining the matter to the principal Court. The word 'Courts' will include all Courts of law inducting the High Court. In case of doubt and ambiguity, it should be constructed for benefit of executants. The Power of attorney attestation and registration in Pakistan is done according to Pakistani law. An attorney is not allowed to travel beyond powers especially given to him. Right to file appeal not given to the attorney, appeal filed by such person not competent liable to be dismissed and power of attorney attestation should be done as per law. Registered two years back. Power of attorney attestation and registration might have been a subsequent event and even if it was accepted that it was delayed due to some dispute between the principals and the attorney and the same was subsequently registered, implying that such dispute had been settled, principals were bound by the act of their attorney. Plaintiff could not be made to suffer on account of the dispute among the principals and the attorney. Photostat copy produced cannot in the absence of original be taken into consideration. The court is empowered to compare the disputed signature with the admitted signature and to form his view being permissible under Article 84 of Qanun-e-Shahadat, 1984. The High Court can also compare the signatures. Whenever the very act of the agent is authorized by the term of the power it is binding on the constituent, as to all persons dealing in good faith with the agent; such persons are bound to enquire into fact.

The Statement of Admissible Even In Criminal Proceeding:

The statements of an agent regarding matters within his authority are the statements of the principal and are admissible even in criminal proceedings against him. Attorney showing ignorance to material questions, such attorney cannot be substituted for a statement of party. No limitation should be placed on the power of attorney attestation and registration to execute the sale-deed, power not misused and sale deed executed in pursuance thereof. Under S. 201, Contract Act an agency is terminated by the death of either the principal are the agent therefore, payment made by an agent after the death of his principal cannot give a fresh starting point of limitation. Whether specific power to be given to plead guilty? Question of. The contention that the accused should give specific powers to advocate to plead guilty on his behalf. If an advocate is authorized to appear or to represent an accused exempted from appearance, he can plead guilty or not guilty to the charge in Crl. Original Misc. No. 13 of 1987, application for dispensing with her attendance is signed by accused No. 2 who has specifically prayed therein to allow her advocate to represent her. Held: Advocate in these cases representing accused granted exemption, could legally answer charge which should amount to answer of said accused! The principal is bound by the acts of his/her attorney if done with the scope of his authority. The contention that the main witness of the respondent filed his affidavit-in-evidence as attorney and power of attorney having not been properly executed; no reliance can be placed on his evidence. The admitted position is that waqirullah is the son of a respondent who is a widow. Held: if power of attorney is not proper and legal, even then the attorney being son was competent to depose as a witness on behalf of the respondent. Contention repelled.

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